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360 Apps & Modules

Fleet Health

Fleet Health is a platform-agnostic system for accumulated hardware analytics.

what it does:

  • simplifies your understanding of failures
  • enables proactive support
  • facilitates decision-making
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Do you want to get better use of your pool cars?
Our flexible module for corporate carsharing simply makes your operations smarter!

  • allows your employees to share cars for both business or private purposes
  • helps to track workforce performance and utilization dynamics
  • ensures the optimal number of units in operation

Driver Scoring

Want to reduce your maintenance costs, and understand how to appraise the drivers?

  • tracks, scores and ranks drivers
  • creates individual profiles for vehicles and drivers
  • monitors utilisation dynamics and guides for improvements!

360 Tracking Platform

Track & Trace

Our flexible fleet management platform adapts virtually to any vehicle. Our main package empowers automation across several different layers: fuel management, driver-centric aspects, maintenance and device management KPIs. The transparency and openness enable us to step out of the standard product portfolio and work with customers with specific business needs. This helps in creating a stable environment where all parties can peacefully collaborate and exist with each other.


Device Flexibility

Our software is compatible with various GPS hardware types, making it possible to retrieve data frommvirtually any vehicle or special equipment.

  • vehicle diagnostics
  • performance metrics of auxiliary vehicle components
  • engine status and fuel consumption


Over the years we’ve expanded our software reporting capacities to provide KPIs for any business. We focus on several different layers:

  • fuel management
  • driver behaviour monitoring
  • vehicle maintenance and utilisation
  • device management issues

Fuel Management

One of the strongest elements of our software is our fuel reporting suite.

  • helps to reduce your fuel and maintenance costs
  • helps to bring down CO2 emissions
  • guides to drive more safely and more wisely!

Some of our integrated devices


360 Integrations

Our software is integrating flexibly with environments of any type and format. This allows to easily retrieve the data from any ERP systems, 3rd party applications and fleet management platforms.

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