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Cebit 2018: industry insights

During the busy month of June 360Locate team made a trip to the new revamped CEBIT of 2018. Ready for an action-packed day and a busy schedule, we were excited for the ideas the show would bring, and totally anxious to see the latest global innovations featuring at CEBIT.

Cebit 2018 Robot

The concept of CEBIT 2018 was completely new, with an underlying idea to transform the trade show into a business festival for Innovation and Digitization. This added a new meaning to the fair, allowing for more networking, business meetups and fun – all of which was embedded into a festival atmosphere.

Our agenda involved a lot of networking with GPS hardware manufacturers, mostly those that were supported by our platform, and those who came to display interesting usage scenarios to a wider audience of CEBIT. Digital health is a developing segment, which gets more attention from manufacturers, which are putting GPS transponders into walking cans and fitting sports shoes with Bluetooth receivers. 

Was exciting to meet some of our technology partners like Gurtam, BCE, Queclink, Ruptela and others, and learn about the developments they brought to the show.

        Cebit 2018 360Locate     Cebit 2018 360 Locate

With the advent of 5G technology, mobile wireless data is now about to take a quantum leap. Interestingly, 3G and 4G technologies are still getting a lot of attention, as well as ADAS (Advanced driver-assistance systems) focusing on profound face recognition technologies, along with deep learning techniques.

These systems change the driving patterns and provide deeper awareness and elements of control to dispatchers. More and more manufacturers are incorporating these techniques into their products, thus facilitating the safer situation on roads with less accidents happening.

360 Locate at Cebit 2018

Usage Based Insurance (UBI) technologies and personal tracking has been there for years with lots of manufacturers still putting the driver in the center of it all, with new technologies to track his driving standards based on precise acceleration/deceleration G-values.

Future Mobility

While some providers are focusing on drivers, others are playing with the concept of driverlessness on different levels.

Cebit 2018

Several pavilions were focused on developments, that would help to take away decision-making from humans. Festival was accompanies with sessions and seminars where speakers would debate on whether or not the infrastructure is ready to accommodate for these challenges.

The greatest concentration of AI at CEBIT …

AI at CEBIT 2018Digital robotics have recently been introduced to a wider range of businesses with practical cases in banking, roadside assistance and commerce. 

In fact, some of the robots have been successfully implemented as consultants in corporate environments. From pharmaceuticals, where AI is responsible for the “perfect mix”  to military environments, where drones are used to delivery aid and shoot the necessary aerial footage. 

While digital robotics replacing human labor and getting to places where we least expected them, VR experts prove that augmented reality can take you anywhere without actually leaving the couch.

AI at CEBIT 2018

A concept of testing a new car model or going to looking at new designs in construction have been bettered by means of VR.


Another vigorously debated theme at this CEBIT was the blockchain. Several companies featured exhibits demonstrating that this technology is suitable for secure data transmission in the IoT, and also for renewable energy trading or car-sharing services.

Debate at Cebit

At the end, CEBIT 2018 was an inspiring event, innovative, refreshing and every single minute was just fun! Charged with ideas, we’re looking forward to make them part of our developments in the future! 

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