Visibility and awareness are great factors nowadays that run a lot of businesses.

Contrary to popular belief, people don’t buy products or services. Instead, they buy outcomes: results, solutions, time-saving, avoidance of pain, and maybe guarantee that at least some future risks can be mitigated.

With all that at reach, 360Locate comes up with an analytical tool to enhance the experience of its own fleet management platform.

How many device brands do you commonly work with? 

Popular truth is that the search for better hardware, price, and new functionality never stopped, and TSPs keep adding models, thus opening doors for new brands.

But scanning across the fleet of vehicles, especially if numbers go over 5000, and identifying if hardware actually performs, is not an easy job, and classifying which types of errors devices generate – does not add up to the velocity of business.

Do you want to have 100% insights into how your fleet is operating?

Fleet Health is a tool that essentially helps to detect and diagnose exceptions and application performance issues, handle the full hardware lifecycle management and detect various issues across high-performance fleets.

Get actionable insights through fleet performance management and instant analytics

The idea for development came instantaneously after counting the hours of support trying to detect multiple issues with hardware across several platforms.

360 Locate

In very unfortunate cases the client will call and tell you that the platform or the device is underperforming. Imagine a full tank of fresh meat was returned simply because the temperature sensor got stuck in the cold room, and did not identify the temperature increase wasting off a ton of fresh produce. This and other client calls are business losses that can be avoided, or addressed in a timely manner.

Fleet Health

Our task was to get to these problems before the client does, and this way keep his trust. Additionally, we needed to get the grips of reasons causing failures in devices and be able to work on preventive diagnostics. In the end – all we want is to bring issues down to a minimum.

There are 4 main points of hardware failure which are distinguished in Fleet Health: 

  • Hardware (GSP)
  • Connectivity GSM
  • Installation issues
  • Sensor failure

Some of these issues are due to the human factor, like faulty installation, whereas some of the problems have recurring characters and are more in devices that fail to work. But what is even more valuable – is that the app makes statistical data available, and gives you some great comparison insights as to which devices are performing better and which models need less troubleshooting.

Fleet Health Dashboard

These may become good reasons to choose in favor of other brands, or get better installers to handle the job.

As soon as the issue category is classified, the app places it further in one of 15 types, which vary in severity and importance. Those that require immediate action are identified as critical and are brought to the attention immediately in the interface. Alternatively, the team can establish its own hierarchy of issues, and address those that they see as essential.

As soon as the problem is identified, a possible solution will be offered based on all previous cases and your account’s history on Fleet Health.

The app has a calendar where the scheduling of installation is handled. This allows marking statuses of jobs managed, in progress, and those that need extra attention. The future potential of the app will include pictures from site visits to be attached and shared with the support team.

GPS tracker 360 Locate

The app is so far integrated with Fleet Overview, the fleet management platform of 360Locate, and Wialon, a GPS tracking platform by Gurtam, and is readily available for integrations with other platforms.

There’s reporting and much more, the platform is quite flexible and gives you exactly what you want in regard to the operational performance of your fleet. The data can be segmented per account or a group of accounts and in the future will be directly connected to the clients’ SLA agreement to show you in any of the terms have been breached.

App has a mobile version and is easy to use for immediate data access.

Sharing experiences, and a greater level of transparency made us wiser. Therefore, we are ready to let others avail of an app, and see if your business and operations can benefit from it too.