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What is Fleet Health?

Customer is king at 360Locate. The support desk is a big part of making sure customers are satisfied. Because not every GPS hardware is created equally. Installations can go wrong. Ideally you want to spot problems proactively, before the customer will notice the effects.

Over the years we developed internal reports and tools to aid our support desk. This helped, but we wanted to go further. We wanted to bundle this knowledge into a single holistic application that can drive the daily operations of the support desk. That’s when we created Fleet Health. Our app scans the fleet of GPS units to detect problems with the GPS hardware, firmware or installation and allows the support team to follow them up.

Fleet Health in action

  • Our support desk uses Fleet Health to target installers better when an installation is repaired.
  • The support desk can also prevent high costs by detecting abnormal behavior of a GPS unit.
  • When the GPS hardware’s manufacturer needs to be brought into the loop about an issue, the support desk has all the details on the model being affected.
  • Also, the support desk can now provide data backed advice to the sales department on what GPS hardware performs the best.

Fleet Health has been saving costs and smoothing operations for us. We decided to bring it to you. Interested? Please check below for more information and pricing details.


Product Features

Detect issues before they affect customers

Fleet Health scans your fleet and finds issues with your GPS hardware. Find problems with installation, configuration or hardware issues before customers do.

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Fleet Health dashboard

Prevent high costs

Fleet Health scans for excessive communication, showing you where you can lower your monthly data traffic cost by re-configuring the GPS unit.

Ensure sensor accuracy

Make sure your GPS unit is actually reporting what you are expecting. Configure bounds for a sensor or detect when a sensor is missing when it should be present.

fleet health dashboard

Find your best performing hardware

Check which GPS units are performing the best. Compare between your GPS hardware and help shape future decisions for certain GPS hardware types.

End-to-end control of the process

Tag GPS units to keep track of them or add notes to other support desk employees. And we’re planning to add more workflow options soon!

  • We support API data from multiple fleet management platforms, among which are Wialon, Trustrack, Fleet Overview, 3D tracking, Mapon, etc.
  • Data from several platforms can be viewed individually or in a single intefrace to allow you to seamlessly handle the process. Is your platform of choice not there?
  • Select a language from one of the 10+ already supported languages.
  • Choose between 4 different themes.
  • Or contact us to add your own features, language or custom theme.
  • Export data from reports into excel, pdf or CSV, and use this data in your management process.
  • Generate custom notifications to your emails regarding specific issues, events and violations

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