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What is Fleet Overview

Keeping track of all your assets can be a daunting task. Especially if you use multiple vendors. What we created with Fleet Overview is a single, comprehensive view over your entire fleet, no matter what platform they are connected to.

Over the years we developed different solutions for visualizing tracking data. This experience led to the development of Fleet Overview. It was first battle tested and hardened internally within our teams and with our Resellers.  Once we were confident that we had a good solution, we connected multiple platforms and distributed Fleet Overview to the clients.

Fleet Overview in action

  • Fleet Overview visualizes idling Trucks, allowing our customers to save fuel costs and wear by disciplining drivers.
  • When looking at the utilization of their fleet, fleet managers use Fleet Overview to see both where their assets are in real time but also to visualize historic use patterns. Fleet Overview helps them distribute usage across their fleet and set targets for their assets.

Product Features

Get a real-time overview of your fleet

View all your assets in one application, no matter which platform they are connected to!

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Go back in time

Get a clear picture of your fleet’s activity over time.

Track weight, humidity and more

We present sensor information in a clear to read graph so you can find anomalies and usage patterns.

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Track your drivers

Keeping track of your drivers is essential.
After all, their  performance determines the efficiency of your fleet.
Ensure that they respect local standards and do not misuse your equipment.

Set targets

Configure targets for your fleet and ensure these targets are met. Make sure your assets are utilized to their fullest, prevent having unused equipment standing around.

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  • Select a language from one of the 10+ already supported languages.
  • Choose between 4 different themes.
  • Or contact us to add your own features, language or custom theme.
  • Export data from reports into excel, pdf or CSV, and use this data in your management process.
  • Generate custom notifications to your emails regarding specific issues, events and violations


Fleet Overview is a powerful and user-friendly application. If you do encounter issues you can please feel free to send us the questions through the website of by email. We try to reply to you as fast as possible.

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